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Full deployment. Including domain name*, email accounts and hosting.

*Subject to domain name availability.
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What's included

All you need for a live website

  • Free Consultation

  • Quick Support

    • 10x Revision

    • Contact Form

      • 1x Domain Name

      • 1 Year Hosting (Fast Australian servers)

      • 1x Email Address

      • 1x Logo (Basic)

      • 1x Logo Opener Video

      • 1x Promo Video

      • Multiple Direct Contact methods integration.

      • Advanced Site Security

      • Stock Images

      • Full Mobile Compatible

      • Able to Upgrade to Basic Selling or Booking System (Optional)#

      • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube account setup*

      • Cover photos for each social account

      • First social media posts

      • Access to our Project Management Console

        *Only the initial account setup. Maintenance, posting or promotions not included
        #Please note that Feature is not included in our standard package but can be added later at an additional cost

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        Your requirements

        Reach out to us with your requirements. Feel free to send us a text document outlining your needs.

        The solution

        Then we'll contact you for more details about the project requirements.

        Finalize the project scope

        Now we can establish the site structure, content (what will go on your site), list of features, and payment structure.

        Start the project

        Once we receive the green light from you, we'll initiate the development process. You can track progress and stay connected with us through the project management dashboard.

        Client Review and Feedback

        At this crucial stage, we invite you to actively participate in the process. Seize the opportunity to review your new website and suggest any necessary corrections.

        Project handover

        The moment has arrived to embrace your fully functional website. Now we can deploy the site. We'll provide you with all the login details for your email accounts and the site.

        It's that simple

        Why Roots Asa?

        The name people trust.


        Fast and reliable

        We have an excellent and deep understanding of your customers and their expectations. Also, we have a thorough understanding of user behaviours.

        Our research team work tirelessly to bring advancements to all of our customers.

        You dreamt it - we create it

        We always listen to our customers and we study user behaviours for the market trends.

        We provide the platform and most efficient tools to attract more customers than anyone in the industry.

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